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Amandeep Thind CPA is a professional accounting firm dedicated to assisting clients with growing, managing, and protecting their business prosperity.

Our clients enjoy a level of service which goes beyond simple accounting. We provide expert accounting, financial planning and tax preparation services. But more importantly we bring a wealth of experience, commitment and business expertise. We understand how to work with growing businesses, and how to keep them growing into the future.

Why Choose Us?

You want an expert partner who is deeply familiar with the smartest accounting processes, and who will treat your business like a partnership. Other CPA firms are too general, and too large to really care. Instead we offer a dedicated partnership that will provide all of the accounting services you need, and more.

We are easy to work with, professional and will provide you with expert results. You can expect to pay less taxes, enjoy higher profits and watch as your business grows with ours.

An accounting firm which views you as a Partner, not just a client

Working With Us Means:

We'll Build An Expert Partnership
We commit to our clients. We take the time to each of our partners unique business or individual situations. Providing solutions to problems before they arise. Together we will grow, manage and protect your business.
1 on 1 relationships
While you'll have a full team behind you providing our financial services, we prefer to work with clients one on one. You'll have a single trustworthy point of contact to work with. Meaning you'll know who to speak to, and how to reach them at any time.
An Inspired Ethos
We advise clients at all stages of development. And like many of them we share the same spirit of entrepreneurship, and creativity unique to new business opportunity. We believe we can help you grow and succeed.
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